The Wild West…East, North and South: Multi-Region Java Apps in the Cloud

Track: Cloud Technology
Cloud providers allow us to provision our application infrastructure in cloud regions and availability zones around the world. This makes it possible to build Java apps that serve user requests with low latency from nearly anywhere. However, only a few deploy application instances across several distant locations.

This hands-on session introduces you to the design patterns of multi-region Java applications in the cloud with a focus on latency and response time. We'll start with a traditional single-region configuration and then switch to a multi-region setting. In the end, we'll have a working prototype of an application that handles user traffic with low latency in North America, Europe, and Australia.
Denis Magda
Denis started his software engineering career at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, where he built JVM/JDK and led one of the Java development groups. After learning Java from the inside, he joined the world of distributed systems and databases, where he has remained ever since. His experience spans from the development of database engines and high-performance applications to training and education on the topic of distributed applications.