What the Heck are Server Sent Events?

Track: Web and Front-end
Web applications frequently need to open a channel of communication with a server to get real-time updates. This is often done using two-way communication via WebSockets, but they can be complex to implement and, in many cases, are overkill. Server Sent Events (SSEs) offer an easy-to-implement alternative for many common use cases where an application only needs to receive updates. In this session, we'll explore what the SSE spec is and how to implement it in a web application using JavaScript. We'll also take a quick look at a number of open source libraries LaunchDarkly maintains for implementing SSEs in Python, .NET, Go and more for server-to-server SSEs.
Brian Rinaldi
Brian Rinaldi is a Developer Experience Engineer at LaunchDarkly with over 20 years experience as a developer for the web. Brian is actively involved in the community running developer meetups via CFE.dev and Orlando Devs. He’s the editor of the Jamstacked newsletter and co-author of The Jamstack Book from Manning.